Bookshelf Speakers Versus Studio Monitors

Contemporary speaker technology is vastly different from the early days of home stereo systems. In the 1960s and 70s, as home audio became increasingly high-fidelity, the component audio system rose in popularity. No longer was a consumer tied to devices made by one company, as in the console stereos of […]


Top Audio Interfaces for 2017

Ever since the home computer took over audio recording duties from the venerable tape recorder, the conversion of audio from an analog electrical signal to a digital stream of ones and zeros has been a critical part of the process. While motherboards and consumer sound cards used to provide this […]

Music Production Software Overview

Since digital recording took over from tape and world-class audio became possible from the average home computer, music production exploded, emerging from creators and in places not possible even 20 years ago. The boom drove demand for new equipment and music production software that served the home recording market in […]

Which type of microphone should I choose?

A guide to microphone construction and applications The home recording boom of the past two decades has driven – and been driven by – the availability of quality hardware at astonishingly affordable prices. Studio microphones, for example, that previously cost thousands now have competitors selling for one-tenth of the value. […]